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Welcome to my E-Portfolio

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Hello, welcome to my E-portfoliol

Im a graduate of Design and Technology Education from GMIT Letterfrack. A teacher training course for the subject of Materials Technology (Wood), Technical Graphics, Construction Studies and Design and Communication Graphics. 

Since 2016 I have worked at Kingswood Community College in Dublin 24 where I also lead digital learning, our schools engagement with Universal Design for Learning and coordinate our 1st year iPad induction course for students.

In 2019 I became an Apple Distinguished Educator and also achieved a Postgraduate Diploma in Education Studies with a focus on leadership from University College Dublin.  
 Explore the site and get to know me professionally and follow me on twitter @OideLuke to see daily highlights of my work.

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My education philosophy is underpinned by a belief that an effective teacher is an adaptable facilitator of learning. He/she must develop a collection of approaches, strategies and a range of transferable skills and knowledge from which to chose from at the appropriate moment within the school environment, not defining our self by one singular approach such as cognitivist or behaviorist. That being said our own personalities and identities as an educator have tendencies towards certain philosophical ideals and shape our natural approach to teaching and learning. I strongly support the value of design in education and its effectiveness as a medium for true education. Engaging in the design process provides students with a fantastic opportunity to develop problem solving skills, higher order thinking and creative intelligence however how well the students comprehend a subject matter and its relevance to their lives can be deepened by simply applying design thinking as a means of investigation of that subject matter. Not solely dependent on using design and the design process but often accompanying them are some of philosophies of John Dewey. Fundamental to my approach to teaching is student centred active learning that encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning and creates an experience out of learning in what would be somewhat a constructivist approach to teaching. In reference to Jean Piaget’s and Seymour Papert’s work on the idea that knowledge is constructed through experience.
Currently Dewey’s theories regarding structured discovery learning carry weight with my own teaching philosophy. It is my belief that to be a facilitator of learning you must aims to be holistic and humanist in providing students with the skills and knowledge they individually need for life. In doing so you must learn to adapt your teaching strategies and styles to facilitate for a variety of learning styles and multiple forms of intelligences. In order to adequately do so your practice must be continuously developed through critical reflection. In much the same we aspire to play our role in the life-long education of our students, our own education must continue in the form of professional development based on such critical analysis of our work.  

From my experience of working in Kingswood Community College I have developed my understanding of Technology Enhanced Learning and I am a firm believer in the benefits that come from effective use of Technology in the classroom. This is not to be confused with simply giving teachers and students technology and assuming this constitutes benefits, Technology enhanced learning can only be successful if the school leaders, teachers, students and parents have a holistic understanding of the role Technology in learning. For teachers and leaders this understanding can come from academic research, reflective practice, continuous professional development and training. For students the understanding comes from educating them about the devices and including them in discourse regarding teaching and learning. For parents including them in their Childs learning process can go a long way towards helping them identify the value Technology has in learning. It is my hope that using technology to build on good fundamentally sound pedagogy will bring about a new wave of student engagement in schools. 


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This video application summarised my work from 2016-2019, the video was submitted as part of the ADE application process and I was awarded as an ADE.

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In 2018 and 2017 I was asked by Dublin and Dun Laoghrie ETB to host workshops for their TEL Matters conference for the Further Education sector. These workshops allowed me to expand my network and mentoring in the area TEL outside of Kingswood CC to a larger community.

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This level 9 diploma is the first step in my MEd study. I have completed the following modules:

  • Leading a Learning Organisation

  • Guiding Effective Teaching and Learning 

  • Ethics and Social Justice in Education

  • Digital Learning Design 

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1st Class Honours degree from GMIT Letterfrack. This is a teacher training degree for the subjects of Construction Studies, Design & Communication Graphics, Technology, Technical Graphics and Materials Technology Wood

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